About us

The company was founded in 1992 by highly qualified chemists, who have been dealing in the field of CWA protection for more than 25 years, both in military and civil institutions. The shareholders are only of Czech nationality using exclusively Czech finance capital.

The company philosophy has always been based on its own know-how mainly in the field of TICs and CWA detection chemistry. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and codified under NCAGE 0004G.

Meet customer´s wishes100%
Czech Republic Production10%
Export activities90%
R&D Capacity75%
# of publications

ORITEST belongs to a group of regular suppliers of products and services for specialized NBC forces, both in the Czech Army and in all civil parts of integrated rescue systems.

Our exports are usually handled by ORITEST but they can also be handled by ORIMPEX Ltd Prague, a daughter of ORITEST’s company which is authorized in the export of military products in NBC. The present number of countries using ORITEST’s products are over 50 worldwide.


ORITEST  cooperates with the new established company ORITEST GROUP. ORITEST GROUP designes CBRN Solutions and makes R&D in new chemical detectors mainly with IMS Technology. Together with ORITEST they form a strong team which offer complete CBRN Solutions „Eveything from simple CWA Detection Paper to Reconnaissance Vehicles. Due to the expanding activities in the Federal Republic of Germany, the subsidiary Oritest-Saxonia GmbH was established in Markkleeberg, Saxony.

Our production is primarily based on our own know-how, the creator of which is a team of research and development staff.

The research team of the company is the founder of more than 80 patents (mostly used in production) and more than 150 scientific publications. Our transformation of know-how originally focused on the military sector and now we have included the civil sector and protection of the environment.