Personal Decontamination Kit PDK

Personal Decontamination Kit PDK is designed for the decontamination of personal weapons, small combat techniques, and partial cleansing of fighting techniques, material and emergency and skin disinfection. By acting on the oxidation-chlorinating mixture, the chemical chemicals are decomposed into non-toxic products.



The kit consists of


  • Decontamination and disinfections of personal equipment after CWA contamination
  • Skin decontamination as an emergency agent
Operation Temperature: -25 °C – 50 °C Expiry Date: 5 years

  • Package of rubber lined fabric.
  • PVC sack containing all necessary chemicals, decontamination effect based onchlorine. The sack is designed for mixing the chemicals with prescribed amount of waterto get the solution.
  • Instruction printed on the sack.
Weight of set : 150 g Active Cl content : min 4%
Decontamination capacity : 0,5 m2    

150 sets in a metal or plastic anticorrosive equipped drum ( different number possible )