detection sets
The ORM is designed
to detect combat chemicals
visually on the ground, water
and food,  based on color.
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We manufacture and supply

We develop and manufacture products for the detection of the most well-known chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds, especially in the form of tubes, papers and strips.

We represent

We are the exclusive representative of SYNTCHEM spol. with r.o., through which we provide you with a complete decontamination solution.

Our vision

Maintain the highest quality of our products and provide services to all our business partners which leads to their long-term satisfaction. Establish new business partnerships and expand their scope in foreign markets.

The company is certified according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 and as the standard supplier of ACR, the NATO Army members. ORITEST is cataloged under the code 0004G. We are a founding member of the Czech NBC Team. Together with its subsidiary, ORIMPEX ORITEST we offer products and services in branches:

  • CWA  & TICs Detection
  • CWA Decontamination
  • RIOT control
  • Export all products under the Czech Republic License for the business with military material.