Decontamination solution for foam formation ODS-5

The decontamination and deactivation mixture ODS-5 is a concentrate designed to decontaminate armaments and armed combat vehicles and non-liquid-absorbing surfaces. Usually it is applied by spraying. It is also suitable for manual brushing. ODS-5 is a mixture containing non-aggressive ingredients.





  • Decontamination and deactivation of equipment and surfaces after CWA and/or
    nuclear contamination.
  • The usage is a prepared solution of 0,3%.
  • Use with a foam apparatus or with a brush.
  • In en emergency the hand brush application can be used and 3% concentration is required.

Operation Temperature: Above -20 0C
Expiry Date: 10 years
Deco – Capacity: 1 m2 : 0,5 up to 3 litres according to the way of application and use.
Special risks: Irritating.

Filled in a PE barrel 50 l, certified for transport pf dangerous goods (UN code).