The product range mainly includes a wide range of products for detecting of the most known CWA and TIC´s in the form of tubes, papers and strips. We are able to customize the products according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Our portfolio also contains products for simple decontamination and riot control. A novelty in our program is the organization of CBRN training which can be tailored to customer requests.


Simple detection means the control of presence of CWA and TIC´s.


Disinfecting and decontamination solutions, mixtures based on decontamination kits.


Defense sprays containing very efficient agent CR.
  • Sprays
  • Pure Agents
  • Solutions
  • Tablets CS and Elements CS


We established a consortium of companies bearing the name Czech HAZMAT Protect. We organize special foreign courses consisting of both theoretical and the practical training. Instruction covers areas such as: detection, decontamination, personal protection, first aid for combatants and follow-up medical care. We provide complete course security, for equipment, lecturers, places, accommodation, etc ...