Detection set ORM-17

The ORM-17 is designed to detect combat chemicals in the air, surface combat techniques, material,  and also visually on the ground, water and food,  based on color changes to the indicator zone of the detector.


Content of the kit


  • Plastig bag from a special material resistant to CWA, suitable for standard decontamination with carrying strap
  • Liquid CWA Detection Paper CALID-3
  • Nerve Agents Detection Strip DETEHIT
  • Detection Tubes
  • Hand Pump
  • Spare parts for the Pump
  • Detection Tubes Opener
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Warming Sachet to work under 10 degrees C as option

Dimensions: 15 x 26 x 9 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Personell: 1 trained person
Operating temperature: 10 – 45 degees C, by temperatures under 10 is possible to warm the detectors